Prescription Drug Information

For information about coverage under our Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans, check out BlueEssentialsSM Pharmacy and Prescription Drug Information.

Pharmacy Directory

To search for pharmacies in our network, log into My Health Toolkit®. Under Benefits, select Find a Pharmacy in the Prescription Drug Information section. You can also view one of these directories:

Drug Lists and Drug Management Programs

These lists and programs apply to most members’ prescription benefits. Make sure you check your Schedule of Benefits to see what programs apply to you. Or use the Drug Cost Tool. 


Some members are subject to separate management programs for specialty drugs that are covered under their medical benefits.

Drug Cost Tool

Log into My Health Toolkit to see how much you will pay for various drugs. You will see less expensive alternatives, if there are any. You will also see if there are any limitations for a particular drug or if that drug is part of a drug management program. After you log in, select Benefits. Then under Prescription Drugs select Coverage and Cost to find the drug cost tool.


If you are not yet a BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina member, use Caremark’s drug cost tool to see the average total cost of a particular drug and any limitations to getting a particular drug. Caremark is an independent company that manages pharmacy benefits on behalf of BlueCross. This link opens a third party website in a new window. That company is solely responsible for the contents and privacy policy on its site.

Pharmacy Program Updates

See information on the latest updates to our pharmacy programs and drug lists.