Apply For Funding

Before applying for support, use this information to determine if your organization is eligible for funding. Meeting the support criteria does not guarantee funding.

Support Criteria

In determining which programs to support, we look for these criteria:

  • Organization is in South Carolina.
  • Organization is a 501(c)(3) or an educational or governmental entity with tax-exempt status that is not a private foundation.
    • In the event of a disaster, BlueCross may provide emergency support to the affected area at the discretion of the president and CEO or senior management.
  • Educational institutions must be accredited by the appropriate accrediting bodies.
  • Organization is a 501(c)(4) — social welfare organization.
  • Organization is a 501(c)(6) — business league.
  • Organization must present its most recent IRS Form 990.
  • Organization must have strong leadership and the capacity to accomplish the organization’s mission independently.
  • Overhead expenses must not be more than 25 percent of the total operating budget.

Non-Eligible Organizations and Programs

BlueCross does not provide support for these purposes:

  • For-profit organizations.
  • Loans, scholarships, fellowships and grants to individuals.
  • Travel or conferences for personnel.
  • Organizations or projects that discriminate against individuals based on age, race, gender, religion or sexual preference.
  • Political causes, candidates, organizations or campaigns.
  • Religious causes or organizations, unless it is separate from religious purposes and provides services to the community at large, such as a food pantry. It also must have its own 501(c)(3) designation.
  • Sporting events without a charitable beneficiary.
  • Contests or pageants.
  • Travel funds for tours, exhibitions or trips.
  • Nonprofit foundations, excluding community foundations.
  • Charitable contributions with the sole purpose of receiving goods or tickets.

How to Apply

  • We only accept proposals via the BlueCross website. We will not consider telephone requests of any kind.
  • We accept and review proposals from Feb. 1 to Nov. 30.
  • Applicants should briefly describe the organization’s mission and programs. They should also show how the request relates to the mission.
  • We generally contribute to an organization once a year.
  • Submit your application two to three months before you need funds for your event or program. Depending on the volume of requests, you should hear from BlueCross in six to eight weeks.

Where to Apply

Apply for funding.

Multi-Year Application

Have you had a conversation with the Community Relations department about submitting a multi-year request?

If not, please send an email to

If so, begin a new multi-year application.

When to Apply

Please submit your request two to three months before your event or program needs funds.

Application period: Feb. 1 – Nov. 30

Format: Online applications only

Application due date: First business day of each month

Evaluation of requests: Reviewed on a rolling basis

Funding decisions: Made on a rolling basis