Cost and Quality Tools

Treatment Cost Estimator

The Treatment Cost Estimator provides information about health care costs, helping you make more informed decisions when choosing common medical tests, procedures and other services. This tool estimates total cost information based on claims data from across the country. It calculates real-time estimates based on your current benefits plan, deductible and out-of-pocket status.

Let’s say that a member wants to know about a knee replacement. The Treatment Cost Estimator will link to his or her personal  information and display these results:

  • Where to go: A list of local hospitals that perform this surgery, the distance required to travel, the number of patients who have received knee replacements at each location, and whether or not the hospital is recognized with Blue Distinction®.
  • Charges to expect: The total estimated cost for surgery, the dollar amount covered by insurance and the dollar amount expected in out-of-pocket costs.
  • Out-of-pocket spending today: Numbers are broken down by individual copayment, the amount applied to deductible and the amount of coinsurance. If payments are made that impact a member’s deductible, these numbers will automatically update.

Rate Your Visit

When you’re looking for a new doctor or specialist, it’s hard to know which one to choose. A doctor’s name, address and phone number won’t tell you the full story. Find the doctor who’s right for you with the Rate Your Visit tool. You can help others find the right doctor, too!

When members use the Rate Your Visit tool, comments are posted as information in the Doctor and Hospital Finder.

  • See the percentage of members who recommend the provider or facility.
  • Quickly gauge other members’ experiences with the provider through star ratings.
  • View comments written by members.

Personal Health Assessment

The Personal Health Assessment (PHA) is a powerful tool for determining your health risks. The PHA collects information about your individual health behaviors and provides feedback to improve your health.

The assessment helps identify your readiness to change in a variety of areas such as physical activity, diet and stress management, and helps to prioritize an action plan.

Personal Health Record

The Personal Health Record is a confidential online tool that gives you a summary of all your health information. It can help you keep track of appointments and organize your family medical history. You can add doctor visits, past and current prescriptions, and lab test results.

The Personal Health Record also features a library of health topics, including information to help you manage chronic conditions like asthma or diabetes. You can also print a copy of your records to take to your next doctor visit.