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We have many phone numbers, fax numbers and addresses for our company, each related to a different part of our business. We want to make sure your question or concern ends up in the right place! Please choose who you are, and we will direct you to the right place.

Contact Information for Members

I have a question about a claim or my benefits, including prescription drug coverage.

Please log into My Health Toolkit® for secure online access to your benefits information. You can also send a secure email directly to your specific customer service area, which is the best way to send confidential information.

If you prefer, you can also call the phone number on the back of your member ID card to get your specific customer service area. Here are some other helpful numbers:

General number for health claims: 264-2215 in Columbia, SC, or toll free at 888-410-2227
General number for dental claims: 264-3879 in Columbia, SC, or toll free at 800-222-7156

Prescription drugs/Caremark: 888-963-7290. Caremark is an independent company that administers prescription drug benefits on behalf of BlueCross.

Specialty drugs/CVS Specialty: 800-237-2767. CVS Specialty is a division of CVS Health, an independent company that dispenses specialty drugs on behalf of BlueCross.

For SC State Health Plan: 736-1576 in Columbia, SC, or toll free at 800-868-2520

For Federal Employee Program (FEP):

  • South Carolina Midlands or Upstate: 800-444-0025
  • South Carolina Charleston area: 800-444-4325
  • Out of State: Please call your local BlueCross or BlueShield Plan.

You can also write us. Please include the member's name, address and member ID on information you mail to us, so we can route it to the proper customer service area. The address is BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, P.O. Box 100300, Columbia, SC 29202-3300.

I would like to report suspected fraud.

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I am interested in a job at BlueCross.

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I am looking for subpoena or HIPAA-compliant information.

To request records from us:

  • To request records from us, we need either a valid South Carolina or federal court subpoena or HIPAA-compliant authorization form. We do not provide records pursuant to an out-of-state subpoena, which is invalid in South Carolina. Please contact the Richland County Clerk of Court or a local South Carolina attorney for any questions concerning the issuance of a South Carolina subpoena for an out-of-state action. You can also use a HIPAA-compliant authorization form found on our website to request certain records.

Health records available in the normal course of business include:

  • Claim form (the HCFA form completed by the provider for services rendered).
  • Claim summary report (a summary of claims processed for a certain period of time, which generally provides line item information, diagnosis code and provider information).
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) (which provides information about the benefits we paid for a particular claim).
  • We generally do not have copies of medical records. You should request these directly from your provider.