Based on the information you entered, you may be eligible for financial assistance. Find out how much assistance you may qualify for by getting a quote or enrolling now in a BlueEssentials plan.

Based on the information you entered, you are likely not eligible for financial assistance. You can get a quote or enroll now in a BlueEssentials plan.

Open Enrollment has ended. If you need coverage outside of Open Enrollment and have recently experienced a Qualifying Life Event, you may be eligible for a Special Enrollment Period. See if you qualify.

We're here to make it easy for you to choose the plan that's right for you and your family. In addition to member perks that go above and beyond typical health plan benefits, 2019 BlueEssentials plans offer:

  • Up to $150 in rewards for completing wellness activities through Blue RewardsSM
  • 24/7 access to board-certified physicians through the convenience of video consults
  • Free preventive screenings

Plans as Low as $0*

About 80 percent of our members are eligible for financial assistance. Based on the amount of subsidy you're eligible for, you may qualify for a premium as low as $0 per month* if you enroll in a BlueEssentials Bronze 4 plan! Learn more.

Plan Details

Gold, Silver and Bronze plans are available for individuals and families. All plans cover the same essential health benefits, but the costs you're responsible for will vary based on the metallic level.

Gold Plans

Gold plans have the highest monthly premiums, but provide the best coverage and lower your out-of-pocket costs for care. This is important for those who visit the doctor often or take many prescription medications.

Silver Plans

Silver plans balance monthly premiums with out-of-pocket costs for care. This is our most popular metallic level. Silver plans are well-rounded and provide the best value for those who are eligible for cost-sharing reductions.

Bronze Plans

Bronze plans offer the lowest monthly premiums, but you will pay more out of pocket when you need care. These plans are best for those who don't go to the doctor often or take many prescription medications.


Adults under age 30 and people who can't afford metallic coverage may be eligible to purchase our Catastrophic plan. This plan has a low monthly premium and a high deductible, so you pay less each month but more when you actually receive care. Those over age 30 may be eligible to purchase the Catastrophic plan if they qualify for a hardship exemption through the Federally Facilitated Marketplace.

For more information, view the complete 2019 product brochure.

Dollars and Cents

The ACA makes it possible for you to receive financial assistance toward your health plan. Most South Carolinians who apply for federal assistance will receive it. There are two different types of financial assistance:

  • Subsidies. This kind of assistance, sometimes called an Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC), is directly applied to your premium to reduce the monthly cost of your insurance plan.
  • Cost-Sharing Reductions (CSR). A CSR is a discount that applies to the Silver plan of your choice. It reduces the amount you pay in deductibles, copayments or coinsurance. Essentially, you pay less out of pocket for a Silver plan with better overall benefits.

The federal government has the final say over who qualifies for financial assistance and who doesn't, but we can help you determine if you're likely to be eligible. Get a quote to see if you could qualify.

The BlueEssentials Network

The BlueEssentials Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) includes an expansive list of health care providers across the state. Our goal is to provide the highest quality coverage at a reasonable price.

Most in-network providers will be based in South Carolina. Your health plan will only pay benefits for covered services from network providers, unless it's a true emergency. If you're traveling and need non-emergency care, you have two options:

  • Use Blue CareOnDemandSM. You can connect with a board-certified physician anytime, anywhere, using your mobile device or computer. In addition to primary care services, we now offer behavior health and lactation support. It's free to enroll, and the copay is the same as your primary care physician benefit. Visit to sign up.
  • Call us for providers near you. Select urgent treatment centers outside South Carolina are part of the network. Call us at 855-404-6752 and we can help you find an in-network urgent treatment center close to your location.

Search the list of in-network providers.

The Value of BlueSM

Not every insurance provider is the same. There's value in being Blue.

As a BlueEssentials member, you'll enjoy convenient, reduced-cost pharmacy benefits and exclusive discounts on holistic health services, healthy eating programs and even gym memberships — all at no extra cost to you! We enjoy seeing our members healthy and happy. Learn more about our value-added benefits.


*To qualify for the $0 monthly premium on the Bronze 4 plan, individuals and families must meet strict income requirements to be eligible for an advanced premium tax credit that reduces this premium to as low as $0. You must enroll before Dec. 15, to qualify for this plan.

**Rewards can only be used towards copays, coinsurance, and out-of-pocket expenses for BlueEssentials members to use towards covered medical services. Excludes pharmacy.