Health Insurance for as Low as $0 Per Month!*

Good news – we’re here to make it easy to choose and afford a plan that’s right for you and your family. That’s why we’re offering the BlueEssentialsSM Bronze 4 plan for coverage in 2019.

Do You Qualify?

You may qualify for a premium as low as $0 per month on a Bronze 4 plan, based on the amount of subsidy (i.e., financial assistance toward your monthly premium) you're eligible for.

If your annual income is below the amounts shown here, you will likely qualify for a plan as low as $0 per month. We can also help determine your eligibility. Call us at 855-215-0285, visit a retail store or find an agent near you.

Persons in Household Max. Annual Income
1 $36,420
2 $49,380
3 $62,340
4 $75,300
5 $88,260
6 $101,220



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Bronze 4 Benefits

Our Bronze 4 Plan offers these benefits:

  • $0 preventive screenings
  • $0 immunizations
  • $15 copay for telehealth visits
  • $25 copay on primary care doctor visits
  • $50 copay on specialist visits
  • $12 on tier 1 or low cost generic prescription drugs 

For more information, view the 2019 BlueEssentials brochure, and check out the BlueEssentials covered drug list.

Get More with BlueEssentials

Beginning January 2019

With Blue RewardsSM, you can earn up to $150 per year for completing wellness activities, like getting a flu shot or an annual wellness exam. Your rewards will be loaded on a pre-paid Visa and can be used towards copays, coinsurance and out-of-pocket expenses. Blue Rewards puts money back in your pocket for keeping yourself healthy!

Other Benefits and Extras

You'll enjoy reduced-cost pharmacy benefits and exclusive discounts on holistic health services, healthy eating programs and even gym memberships ... all at no extra cost to you! We enjoy seeing our members healthy and happy. Learn more about our value-added benefits.

When Can I Enroll?

Open Enrollment is from Nov. 1–Dec. 15, for coverage that starts Jan. 1. It’s a short window to enroll, so don’t delay in contacting an agent!


*To qualify for the $0 monthly premium on the Bronze 4 plan, individuals and families must meet strict income requirements to be eligible for an advanced premium tax credit that reduces this premium to as low as $0. You must enroll before Dec. 15, to qualify for this plan.

**Rewards can only be used towards copays, coinsurance, out-of-pocket expenses for BlueEssentials members to use towards covered medical services. Excludes pharmacy.