2020 Individual Affordable Care Act (ACA) Renewal Information

Renewal Phone Line (NEW!)

This year we are offering our members a dedicated toll-free number for assistance with renewing their plan. The number will be advertised in their renewal packets and communications issued by BlueCross.  The Agent on Record (AOR) for any member who calls and makes a plan change will remain intact. 

Renewal Communications

2020 renewal packages will be mailed to members starting Oct. 30. View the 2020 ACA Individual and Family Renewal Packages that are being mailed to Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) and Private Marketplace members. We will also send renewal reminders via email and text to members throughout Open Enrollment. 

Member Savings 

There are members who can save on their premium in 2020 by switching to another BlueCross plan. These members will receive an insert in their renewal package with an action to call our renewal line. 

Manage Renewals Using BASES

You can use BASES to see which of your clients have made changes to their plan and renewed for 2020.  The 2020 Enrollment Indicator column will display one of the following indicators:

  • “P” indicator means the renewal is currently passive.  Any passive enrollment will automatically renew as is for 2020 with payment of the January premium.
  • “A” indicator means the member has made changes or actively renewed their coverage effective Jan. 1, 2020.  
  • Blank/no indicator means we have not yet received a passive renewal from CMS.  This only applies to FFM members.

New BlueCross members will also be displayed with an A indicator.  

Please note that due to the volume of submissions during open enrollment, updates to BASES could be delayed three to five business days.

Process for “Passive” Renewals 

If members do not want to make any changes to their current plan, or are not receiving financial assistance, all they need to do is pay their January premiums as billed. Making the January 2020 payment will automatically renew the members’ plan. Your clients will receive their January bills around Dec. 19. Any clients who are setup on bank draft will have their 2020 premium drafted on Jan. 1, 2020.

Please contact your marketing representative if you have questions.

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