DOI Consumer Alert: Plan F

Plan F myths

  • Plan F is going away and will not be available for anyone after Jan. 1, 2020.
  • Plan F premiums will drastically increase after Jan. 1, 2020

Here's the truth

  • Consumers, who are currently enrolled in a Plan F, can keep it forever. No action is required.
  • Consumers who are 65 or older and Medicare eligible before January 1, 2020 can enroll in a Plan F.
  • Some policyholders are being told that premiums for their coverage will increase to such an extent that they should purchase other coverage.
  • These statements are considered FALSE or misleading to induce consumers to improperly switch coverage and are in clear violation of Medigap insurance laws.

The real story

In an effort to debunk some of the myths surrounding this popular plan, we’ve mailed letters to our current Plan F members to help assure them — they can keep their Plan F as long as they want!
You can view the letter referenced above in its entirety here as well as a recent consumer alert from the Department of Insurance (DOI).

If you have any questions, please contact your marketing representative. 

There are several myths and misunderstandings in the marketplace around Medicare Supplement Plan F such as:

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