Pharmacy Benefits Manager Update - December: New Member ID Card Mailing

As part of the transition to OptumRx, our new Pharmacy Benefits Manager starting Jan. 1, 2020, we have an update to share.  

New ID Cards 

New ID cards are on the way to subscribers. The ID cards will have new pharmacy information that members need to use at the pharmacy starting Jan. 1.

  • All small group members will receive a "Slim ID" card.  The Slim ID is on high-quality plastic but will be thinner than our current ID card.  
  • All other members will receive our current standard hard plastic card.

If a member has not received their card yet and needs to a fill a prescription on or after Jan. 1, they have two options:

Go Digital:

Download or access the My Health Toolkit® app on Google Play or the Apple App Store to get a digital copy of their ID card.

Use a Temporary Paper Card:

Give the pharmacy the Rx BIN and Rx GRP provided in a letter we are mailing to members this week. 

Member Communications 

We will share ways members can access their ID card until their plastic card arrives in a letter. View a copy of the letter.  

Please note this letter will not be mailed to Medicare Supplement and Short-Term Health members. 

We will also message members via email and SMS text with this update.

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