2021 Enrollment Schedule for Small Group

December 01, 2020

Our 2021 schedule for new small group enrollment submissions is now available! Download the schedule here. As a reminder, we encourage you to follow the dates in PHASE I of the schedule to ensure a timely delivery of ID cards and fulfillment materials.

Process new group enrollments faster! 

Completion time and phase determination is contingent upon receiving a completed package. Submitting the enrollment spreadsheet will reduce membership processing time by one day.

Submitting group benefit changes at renewal

If an existing group wishes to make a plan change, refer to the Group Rework Agent Checklist.  You can also view the Paperwork Submission Dates and Guidelines for group benefit changes in 2021. 

Group cancelations 

If a group wishes to cancel their group coverage, we ask that they fill out the Coverage Cancelation Request and return it to group.membership@bcbssc.com or fax to 803-264-0143.  The completed form needs to be submitted a week prior to the group requested termination date to stop further claim payments. 

More tools and resources

The Small Group Benefit Coordinators Guide is full of information and a great reference tool for group administrators to use throughout the year.  You can download the updated guide here.    


Please contact your marketing representative for more information. 

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