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BlueCross is one of the leading employers in South Carolina. Our people make us a leader in our industry. Find insight from BlueCross leadership on health care, team building and the workplace.


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Talking Women in the Workplace With BlueCross Leaders

July 30, 2021: Mentorship is a key to a successful career, but finding mentors can be a challenge for women. Creating a positive work environment for women with opportunities for career development is a priority for BlueCross. We hosted a series of conversations with women at BlueCross about their career experiences. Women who are just starting their careers with BlueCross had an opportunity to ask leaders within the company about their experiences. 


5 Things I Learned Leading a Team During a Pandemic 

Aug. 20, 2021: The pandemic changed a lot of the health care industry. BlueCross' Denise Jefferson, director of direct marketing and retail strategies, offers insight she learned while managing a team of 40 people through the pandemic. 


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