Focus Areas

We aim to improve the quality of life for all South Carolinians by supporting organizations in these categories:

Health — Programs and events that focus on physical activity, healthy lifestyles, nutrition, disease management and prevention, substance abuse prevention, community health, and wellness.

Human Services — Programs that support the emotional and social well-being of the community, particularly those that help people with limited incomes.

Economic Development — Programs that strengthen and empower community development by creating jobs and supporting or expanding income.

Civic — Programs that build and strengthen relationships within the business community.

Diversity — Programs that create greater racial, ethnic and cultural diversity within the community.

Arts and Culture — Programs that make arts and culture more accessible to a wider and more diverse audience.

Youth Development — Programs designed to engage and enrich the lives of youth, particularly through physical activity.

Education — Programs that focus on improving K-12, higher education and adult education programs.

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