2022 Small Group Enrollment Schedule and Benefit Change Information Are Now Available

November 15, 2021

Our 2022 schedule for new small group enrollment submissions for Business BlueEssentialsSM and BlueMeasureSM is now available! Download the schedule here. As a reminder, we encourage you to follow the dates in PHASE I of the schedule to ensure a timely delivery of ID cards and fulfillment materials.

Business BlueEssentials ACA enrollments 

•    Download and follow the Business BlueEssentials Enrollment Checklist to ensure all the necessary information is completed.
•    Use the Benefit Request Form and fill out accordingly.
•    Use the Small Group Enrollment Tool to input necessary enrollment information.

BlueMeasure Level Funded enrollments 

•    Download and follow the BlueMeasure Enrollment Checklist to ensure all the necessary information is completed.
•    Download and fill out the new BlueMeasure Benefit Selection form.
•    Download and fill out the new BlueMeasure Census.
•    Use the BlueMeasure Membership Application and fill out accordingly.
•    Download and fill out the Health Statement
•    Download and fill out the new Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) form.

Once completed, submit a secure email with all your enrollment information to smallgroupsales@bcbssc.com. Completion time and phase determination is contingent upon receiving a completed package. Submitting the enrollment spreadsheet will reduce membership processing time by one day.

Submitting group benefit changes at renewal

If an existing group wishes to make a plan change, refer to the Group Rework Agent Checklist. You can also view the Paperwork Submission Dates and Guidelines for group benefit changes in 2022. 

Group cancellations 

If a group wishes to cancel their group coverage, we ask that they fill out the Coverage Cancellation Request and return it to group.membership@bcbssc.com or fax to 803-264-0143. The completed form needs to be submitted a week prior to the group requested termination date to stop further claim payments.

More tools and resources

The Small Group Benefit Coordinators Guide is full of information and a great reference tool for group administrators to use throughout the year. You can download the updated guide here.    

Please contact your marketing representative for more information. 

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