Get Your Flu Shot!

September 20, 2021

It is important for our members to get the flu shot to help protect themselves from getting the flu. We are communicating with members this month and next to ensure they know where to go and what is covered under their plans.

Individual & Family and Small Group Members

  • $0 flu shot available at an in-network pharmacy.  
  • $0 for flu shot at an in-network doctor's office, but members are subject to an office visit copay.

Don't forget - Affordable Care Act (ACA) Individual & Family plan members can also earn $60 in rewards through Blue RewardsSM for getting their flu shot!

Medicare Supplement Members

  • With Medicare coverage, the flu shot is covered each year! Members just have to show their Medicare and Medicare Supplement card when they visit their doctor.

Short Term Health Members

  • Blue TermSM Basic plan members are responsible for the cost of a flu shot.  
  • Blue TermSM plan members are responsible for the cost of a flu shot if received from a pharmacy. Flu shots received in a doctor’s office will still be covered under either an office visit copay, or subject to the deductible and coinsurance, depending on the plan.

Members can download the My Health Toolkit® app to find an in-network pharmacy
Please contact your marketing representative for more information.

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