Small Group Plans (Up to 50 Lives)

As a small business owner, you have options with BlueCross BlueShield of SC

Offering health insurance helps businesses of all sizes attract and retain employees. You can help your small business clients stay competitive by connecting them with group coverage through one of our small group products. 

Business BlueEssentialsSM health plans

With Business BlueEssentials, your small business clients, 2-50 employees, can choose from a range of options for health coverage for their employees. Gold, Silver or Bronze level plans offer comprehensive coverage, plus perks and discounts that promote healthy living. 

What are the differences between Gold, Silver and Bronze Plans?

Each metallic level plan covers the same set of benefits. Plans differ on how benefits are structured. For example, copay, coinsurance and deductible costs vary. Want to review the benefits and features of each plan with your clients? Download the Business BlueEssentials brochure to learn more.

Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements (ICHRA)

ICHRAs are a way for an employer to provide employees with a health plan while managing costs. With an ICHRA, employers set an amount they are comfortable contributing each month while their employees choose a plan to fit their needs. 

This new type of reimbursement model offers substantial flexibility to employers of all sizes. Employers fund ICHRA with tax-free contributions. For more information on how ICHRA works, please download our brochure

Benefits of an ICHRA 

For the employer:

  • It is a tax-deductible expense for the employer.
  • Employers define their benefit budgets and control health benefit costs. 
  • It takes the burden of managing a health plan off the employer.

For the employee:

  • An ICHRA is a tax-free benefit.
    • ICHRA contributions are excluded from the employee's gross income.
    • ICHRA contributions are non-taxable.
  • Choice/flexibility/personalization of plans: Employees can choose a health insurance plan that best fits their individual and family needs.
  • Plan portability: Employees own their health insurance coverages and can take it with them if they change jobs.

BlueMeasureSM level funded plans

For businesses with 20-50 employees, BlueMeasure is our level funded product that gives employers an alternative coverage option they can offer to their employees. 

Level funded plans are different than traditional insurance plans because they are not community rated and can potentially lower a group's fixed costs if the group qualifies. 

Want to know how BlueCross level funded plans work and what they look like? Download the BlueMeasure brochure to learn more.

Blue Dental for businesses with 2–50 lives

With Blue Dental, clients can offer their employees comprehensive group dental coverage. Businesses with 2-50 lives can pair Blue Dental with a BlueCross group health plan or purchase it as a standalone product.

When your clients offer dental coverage to their employees, it demonstrates a commitment to whole health care. Blue Dental gives members access to important care that adults and children need for good oral health. Clients can choose basic or more comprehensive coverage. 

Why should your clients choose Blue Dental?

With Blue Dental, clients can offer their employees these important benefits:

  • No deductible on preventive services such as exams, cleanings and routine x-rays
  • Low deductible for basic and major restorative care
  • Coverage for basic restorative services including x-rays, fillings, and periodontal maintenance and scaling
  • Coverage for major restorative services such as surgeries, root canals, dentures and bridges


One carrier, two products. Combining dental benefits with BlueCross health coverage is simple. It also allows one enrollment form for health and dental coverage — consolidating everything into just one monthly bill.

Your clients’ employees can securely access information on their dental benefits and claims online by downloading the My Health Toolkit® app, which can also access Blue Dental as a stand-alone option.


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