Easily manage your accounts with BluesEnrollSM

BluesEnroll makes it easy for you to manage your employer accounts with 50 or more employees. It’s simple to use and helps reduce the amount of paperwork you and your accounts need to deal with.

  • Enrollment is simple. Employees enter data once instead of filling out paper forms.
  • Save time and money. BluesEnroll can link to payroll vendors and network health care providers, allowing easy exchange of data. This helps reduce the risk of errors and cuts costs associated with paper forms.
  • Data is safe! BluesEnroll provides secure access through standard web-based encryption with password-protected screens.
  • Access BluesEnroll from anywhere. Since the application is web-based, users can log in from home, the office, through a mobile device – or even through on-site touch screen kiosks.

Access BluesEnroll now. For more information, contact your BlueCross marketing representative today.

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