Thanking Our Administrative Professionals

April 27, 2022

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Administrative professionals are often the ones helping get the work done. These workers handle everything from logistics like scheduling, space reservations and technology issues to coordination of work with departments across the company. 

As one of the largest employers in South Carolina, BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina runs on the essential work of hundreds of administrative professionals. We asked a few leaders at the company to explain why their administrative professionals are vital to the work they do. 

Dr. Matt Bartels, chief medical officer, on McIver Williamson, senior project assistant

McIver is an integral part of the team’s success. She helps elevate the team’s performance by making sure everyone’s key needs are met and obstacles are addressed. She was a critical ally to many during the pandemic as she remained on-site throughout. 
What McIver brings to the role is, in some ways, difficult to define. If you ask people on the team, I am certain they will say she is a go-to resource who is reliable and determined to solve challenges. You would also hear how she goes above and beyond what her job description details. Those attributes in an employee are invaluable. She also consistently steps up to support the community organizations that are important to our company and members, and these efforts often go unrecognized. I often joke that she is the most unconventional assistant I’ve ever had, but I wouldn’t want it any other way!
Assistants like McIver deserve our appreciation, especially when they extend themselves beyond the confines of their roles. We have many assistants throughout the company who help keep the trains on the tracks and consistently solve problems. Their support is vital to our overall success. 

Melissa Wyer, I/S Center of Operations manager, on several administrative professionals

Executive assistants are the backbone of our company. They work their magic to get meetings with executive customers, order supplies, cater lunches and everything in between. There is nothing our admins cannot do. They are always the first stop to solving a problem. 
Administrative assistants play an important role in organizing, managing and keeping the office running. Without them, we would not be successful in our everyday jobs. The thing I respect most about our admins is not only their ability to meet their customers’ needs but also their ability to anticipate needs. They understand their people and do things to show their customers they care. Our admins have blocked calendars for work, brought in treats and stopped by our offices just to ask how we are doing.

Kim Wellman, vice president of communications strategies, on Clarisa Hyson, senior administrative associate 

We often refer to Clarisa as the glue that holds our department together. While some admins only assist the senior leaders of a department, Clarisa is willing to help everyone on our team. Not only is that incredibly beneficial to all of us, but it also gives Clarisa an excellent understanding of everything we do. In turn, she is able to anticipate what we need often before we can even ask for it. 
By its nature, our department is made up of very creative people working on very tight deadlines. Having a strong and skilled administrative assistant allows us to do what we do best — be creative in our work — without the distraction or time drain of having to perform tasks for which we aren’t particularly skilled. For example, Clarisa is an absolute pro at helping us with technical issues; she knows exactly what to do to solve our problems, and she handles it from there.

Dr. Shawn Stinson, senior vice president of Healthcare Innovation and Improvement, on Sherry Perkins, project administrator  

Sherry coordinates most of the activities of my office. She attends all senior staff meetings, takes notes and assures follow-up on assigned items. She works closely with the administrative professionals across our department to handle large events. She plays a crucial role in our United Way campaign.
Sherry manages my schedule so well that I am free to focus on the items that require my attention. Her knowledge of policies and procedures is critical, as this is a very complex environment in which to work. As we support all of the lines of business within Private Business, her relationship with the other administrative professionals in the various areas is critical in making sure activities are coordinated and needs are met.
I cannot imagine working at BlueCross without the support of talented individuals like Sherry. They are really the glue that holds everything together and keeps things running smoothly.

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