How BlueCross Supports Veterans at Work

Nov. 9, 2023

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Columbia, South Carolina, is one of the few places in the country recognized for supporting the military, veterans and their families. This support is also true at BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, one of the largest employers in the area. 

The company proudly employs more than 600 veterans from each branch of the military. This is 6 percent of the company’s workforce. Veterans work across the company in a variety of roles. 

“BlueCross’ immense appreciation for the military service members and veterans spans more than 75 years,” says Stephanie Pfeiffer, director of talent acquisition at BlueCross. “We look for folks who want to join an organization, have career growth, have that commitment, which is a huge trait of military members in terms of sticking to their mission.”  

Part of this work means getting involved with local military organizations like the South Carolina National Guard. BlueCross’ dedicated talent team often works with the military groups in the state to smooth over the transition from military to civilian life for veterans. 

Several company recruiters have military backgrounds. This means they can understand military resumes, which can be different from civilian resumes. These recruiters also offer partnerships to help military members translate their service and skills to the workforce through workshops.

“We can train our recruiters and managers on how to read a military resume, but there can be a disconnect. We try to then provide support to bridge the gap,” she says. 

The company’s Military Business Resource Group brings veterans together. The group also supports talent referrals and mentoring. The hiring team leans on the group to help place potential employees. 

But aside from hiring, the group provides educational sessions during their quarterly meetings, has volunteered more than 130 hours  in the community and provides social events.  

“The mission of the Military Business Resource Group offers a safe space for our veterans to connect, share resources and serve the community,” says Pfeiffer. 

The company recognizes the important skills veterans bring to the workplace. Diversity is key to having a well-rounded workforce. BlueCross employs people from a variety of backgrounds, experience and skills. 

Veterans’ unique education, training and work experiences are essential to support our mission, vision and goals. It also aligns with our values-based culture.

“There is a huge population here, and they have already been trained. That translates to the work we do. This is what makes our company successful,” she says. “We are fortunate that the talent of veterans is integrated in all levels of the organization from senior management to early-career roles.” 

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