How Our Focus on Members Drives Business Success

June 29, 2023

By Karen Kraft, director of digital experience 

The digital experience refers to any contact people have with a company through a digital touch point. Ten years ago, when I started working for BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, we didn’t have a digital experience team. Some questioned investing in the member portal at all.

I’m grateful to be a part of change in the past decade. Our company has evolved. It has made big investments in digital efforts and in making the member experience better. Our team is growing. Its mission is to design and deliver member-focused solutions. 

For many years, BlueCross has put customers first. Now we blend that dedication to our customers with our approach to digital experience. At every step of our processes, we include our members. This is true whether we are finding ways to improve or creating something new.

Understanding what members want

Today’s members expect everything to be digital. Our focus is on meeting that demand. 

Health insurance can be complex. Our members don’t want it to be hard to get answers they need. They want a simple health care experience that makes sense. They want to know our digital solutions will meet their needs. They also want us to be able to meet them where they are and meet their preferences. 

These are our focus for the future. We want to give our members easy access to care when they need it. And we want to make sure they get the information they need to maintain their health. 

Starting with data and engaging members 

We take a data-driven approach to our digital experience. We talk to our members and rely on their feedback. 
Voice-of-customer data informs our digital experience strategy and plans for the future. Members give feedback through surveys. That helps us find and prioritize ways we can make our services better.

We do a lot of market research to stay up to date on trends. This lets us innovate and recognize ways to make our members’ experiences even better. We reach out to a panel of members from across South Carolina to learn member interest. 
This tells us what ideas and services members find valuable. With this data, we can predict members' needs and work to meet that demand.

Continuous testing

It doesn’t stop there, though. We continue to engage that member panel to get their thoughts as we design new programs. By getting the member point of view at every step, we make sure we are giving them what they want and need. 

We know our solutions meet their expectations when we release updates or improvements.

We set goals for every project and follow up with members through surveys to understand the impact and success of these improvements.

Measuring success 

This member-focused process has worked for us. For example, pharmacy integration has been a focus for us. We knew members wanted pharmacy claims integrated into My Health Toolkit®. In response to this feedback, we added pharmacy claims. The lack of survey comments on the topic confirmed its effectiveness.

We measure success through things like customer satisfaction, customer effort, first-call resolution, app store ratings and more. We track these metrics at the highest level but also at an individual level. We look at key moments in the customer journey.

While there is always room to grow, we’ve maintained positive web satisfaction metrics in the 80th percentile. Our My Health Toolkit app has an average rating of 4.6 stars in app stores. It consistently ranks as one of the highest across all Blue Cross plans.

Why it is important

It is about more than numbers. These efforts have a real impact on our members’ lives. 

One of the biggest improvements we’ve made is a campaign automation solution. This lets us connect with our members through email, text, push notifications and mail. By reaching out to customers in the way they prefer, we can address gaps in care and guide them to the best health care outcomes. 

Our commitment to innovation and maintaining high standards in how we serve our members keeps us competitive. It drives our business forward. It not only transforms the member experience, but it also improves our internal operations. This adds value to BlueCross. 

By putting our members' needs first, involving them in design and striving for improvement, we have grown proud of our success. Our team’s dedication to providing a top-notch digital experience has not only improved the experience but will continue to make our members' lives better.

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