Resources for Groups With 51+ Employees

My Health Toolkit® for Employers: Secure self-service, employee support and more

My Health Toolkit for Employers makes it easy for you to manage your group health plan coverage. The tool is available to employers who have 51 or more employees enrolled in one of our group plans.

You can use My Health Toolkit for Employers to look up benefits, manage enrollment, get marketing materials, send BlueCross a secure message and more. Employers can grant full or limited access to others in their organization. There are three main sections: Tools and Resources, Employee Support, and Employee Communications.

Tools and Resources

Use the Tools and Resources section to reference information that affects your group as a whole. You can:

  • Find a doctor or hospital in your network.
  • View information about Blue Distinction® Centers.
  • Download clinical preventive care guidelines and medical policies.

This section is also where you can access the following tools, if they’re part of your group plan.

Employee Support

The Employee Support section is all about helping you help your employees with their individual member information. You can:

  • Look up an employee’s health and dental claims status.
  • Confirm an employee’s eligibility and benefits information.
  • Order an ID card for your employee.
  • Update or submit OHI (other health insurance) information on behalf of an employee.

Because member information is sensitive, you have the opportunity to restrict user access to this section, if you choose to set up multiple user profiles.

Employee Communications

Want to promote important programs or benefits to your employees regarding their health plans? The Employee Communications sections gives you easy access to marketing materials, such as flyers and posters, to help educate employees on managing their health care.

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