2020 Winners

Overall Winner: Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (SRNS) is a three-time LiveLifeBlue award winner and was recognized this year in the overall category. SRNS worked with Livongo to help employees with diabetes better manage the condition. Catapult provided 640 employee biometric screenings that gave SRNS data to build better wellness programs for its population. SRNS has reinvented its wellness efforts by developing programs that are interactive, supportive and engaging. The most popular 2019 program was its Biggest Winner competition, in which 213 employees lost a combined 1,316 pounds over a three-month period. The company provides its employees on-site walking and biking trails, basketball courts, on-site gyms, and 11 wellness/lactation rooms with blood pressure machines, BMI machines, scales, yoga mats, water bottles, charging stations and relaxation murals.

Lowcountry Winners

Evening Post Industries

Evening Post Industries is another three-time LiveLifeBlue award winner. For the third year in a row, the company is dedicated to the health and happiness of its employees with programs from partner organizations. Evening Post gives employees enrolled in their medical plans HRA funds and gift cards for completing a health survey, having annual physicals and preventive screenings, completing Rally missions and challenges and fulfilling four coaching calls.

City of Charleston

The City of Charleston is a three-time LiveLifeBlue award winner, with a well-rounded and robust wellness program that focuses on helping city employees be their healthiest selves.  

A few key things the city has done to improve employee health:

  • Nutritional webinars
  • Stress reduction lunch and learns
  • Lunchtime workouts
  • Step challenges
  • Fitness center reimbursements

The City of Charleston incentivizes its employees to have preventive screenings with cash deposits into HRAs and HSAs. This helped motivate every police officer and firefighter to complete an annual physical.

Midlands Winners

City of North Myrtle Beach

City of North Myrtle Beach is a first-time LiveLifeBlue award winner, but years of effort have gone into creating a Wellness Plan that boasts a 95 percent employee participation rate.

The city’s wellness plan has two parts. The first part allows members to receive a discount on their premiums by completing a Health Risk Assessment, biometrics testing and wellness coaching. The second part deposits money into an HRA for members and spouses who meet specific incentives or reasonable alternatives.

The city operates an on-site health center that offers flu shots, sick visits, primary care and health coaching at no cost to employees and dependents, as well as discounted membership rates at their Aquatic and Fitness Center.

Their program’s results are impressive.

  • 50 percent decrease in undiagnosed diabetes
  • 28 percent decrease in metabolic syndrome
  • 23 percent decrease in low HDL cholesterol
  • 22 percent decrease in prediabetes
  • 6 percent decrease in obesity

FN America, LLC

FN America, a first time winner, also uses Rally and offers $100 Visa gift cards for members who win challenges and recruit their colleagues to join the Rally platform. After one year, they had 15 percent participation with a goal to double that in 2020. FN America is one of the few companies of its size nationwide to offer a full-service primary care provider on site. The Health & Wellness Center offers free primary care and generic medications to employees and their covered family members. The center receives high praise from employees for appointment availability, convenience, cost savings and quality of care. In fact, over 95 percent of employees say they would recommend the facility to another employee or family member.

Upstate Winners

King Asphalt, Inc.

King Asphalt a first-time LiveLifeBlue winner, has found results in partnering with local primary care providers to encourage employees to take better care of themselves through a consistent relationship with a provider. They have worked hard to communicate the advantages of their BlueCross membership. These efforts led employees’ use of Blue CareOnDemandSM to double; participation in Rally to increase from 29 to 35 percent; and My Health Toolkit® use to rise from 15 to 45 percent. King Asphalt proves that fitness can be fun for the whole family by sponsoring an annual Digital Scavenger Hunt. Employees and their families walk the 3.5-mile-long Doodle Trail from Pickens to Easley. Teams are given a list of clues and must photograph themselves with the items listed along the trail. The team that completes the list in the shortest amount of time wins fitness-related prizes.

Fitesa Simpsonville, Inc.

Fitesa is a small company and first-time LiveLifeBlue award winner that incorporates many elements into an effective wellness program. They offer mobile mammograms, discounts to local gyms, lunch and learns on a variety of health-related topics, perfect attendance awards and a cost-free smoking cessation program. Fitesa offers an on-site medical clinic at no cost to its employees. A nurse is available two days per week, with plans to expand to three days per week. The medical clinic organizes monthly challenges and sends out information to employees on topics such as checking blood pressure, diabetes awareness and cold/flu season.

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