Personal Blue Policies

Trust Plans – Purchased after September 23, 2010

Personal BluePlanSM 1 SE1
Personal BluePlan 2 SE1
Personal BlueSM Secure SE1
Personal Blue Basic SE1
Personal Blue High Deductible Health Plan SE1
Personal True BlueSM SE1

Interim Plans – Purchased or changed between March 23, 2010, and September 22, 2010

Personal BluePlanSM 12
Personal BluePlan 1 with Dental2
Personal BluePlan 1 Limited2
Personal BluePlan 1 Limited with Dental2
Personal BluePlan 22
Personal BluePlan 2 with Dental2
Personal BluePlan 2 Limited2
Personal BluePlan 2 Limited with Dental2
Personal BlueSM Secure2
Personal Blue Secure Limited2
Personal Blue Basic2
Personal Blue Basic Limited2
Personal Blue High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)3
Personal True BlueSM 2
Personal True Blue Limited2

Grandfathered Plans – Purchased before March 23, 2010

Personal BlueSM Plans

Personal BluePlanSM 14
Personal BluePlan 1 with Dental4
Personal BluePlan 1 Limited4
Personal BluePlan 1 Limited with Dental4
Personal BluePlan 24
Personal BluePlan 2 with Dental4
Personal BluePlan 2 Limited4
Personal BluePlan 2 Limited with Dental4
Personal BluePlan 35
Personal BluePlan 3 with Dental5
Personal BluePlan 46
Personal BluePlan 4 with Dental6
Personal Blue Secure4
Personal Blue Secure Limited4
Personal Blue Basic4
Personal Blue Basic Limited4
Personal Blue High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)7
Personal Blue HDHP Limited7
Personal True BlueSM 4
Personal True Blue Limited4

Mark IV Plans

Mark IV8
Mark IV 80-608
Mark IV 80-60 Core I8
Mark IV 80-60 Core II8
Mark IV 80-808
Mark IV 80-80 Core I8
Mark IV 80-80 Core II8

Insurance Guaranty Association Notice

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