Update OHI (Other Health Insurance)

Are you covered by another health insurance plan, including Medicare? It’s important for us to know, so we can process your claims properly. There are rules about which plan pays and when. 

You can update your other health insurance information through My Health Toolkit®. Log in to My Health Toolkit. Under Benefits, look for the Health section. Then select Other Health Insurance. You should update this information each year, or any time it changes.

Additional information requests

There may be times when we contact you for additional information that could affect how we process your claim. We may ask if:

  • You have other group health insurance. We may need to coordinate benefits with the other plan.
  • You have Medicare. We may need to coordinate payment with Medicare.
  • You were injured at work. Workers’ compensation may cover your claim.
  • Another party may be responsible for your injuries. Your claim may be eligible for subrogation.
  • You have a dependent older than age 18. We may need to verify student status.
  • You have a certificate of creditable coverage. Some plans may require this for a pre-existing condition.

This information helps us pay your claim correctly, which is an important step in working toward controlling the increasing cost of health care and insurance. Delayed or missing information may affect the payment of your claims.

To learn more, download the Understanding Your Benefits and Controlling Health Care Costs brochure.

We value your privacy

We value the privacy of your personal health information. We design the methods for sending us information to protect your privacy. These methods comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

If you choose to submit information through our website, rest assured that My Health Toolkit® is secure. It will provide you with safe, fast access to your benefits information.

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