Cost Estimates

Know Before You Go

Estimates help you avoid surprises when the bills come.

Costs for a medical procedure — like an ultrasound, a checkup, X-rays or joint replacement — can vary by hundreds of dollars. Our Shopping for Care feature includes cost estimates to help you find the right care at the right price. (Cost information might not be included for all plans.)

  • Log in to your My Health Toolkit® account.
  • Under Resources, click Find a Doctor or Hospital under Shopping for Care.

As you explore the Find Care categories further, you’ll see a Cost Estimates tab that’s loaded with price information about hundreds of procedures, from mammograms and MRIs to allergy testing, sleep studies, physical therapy and various types of surgery.

We've also added a feature that shows estimates of your out-of-pocket costs — one more tool to help you be a smart health care consumer.

Cost details are available for some plans. Log in to your My Health Toolkit account to learn more.

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