Health Reimbursement Account

A health reimbursement account, or HRA, is an account your employer may set up and fund for you to supplement your health plan. Your employer owns the HRA and can set up rules for how the account works.

Your employer decides:

  • Which expenses are covered – This may include the full list of government-approved allowable expenses. Or your employer may choose to cover just a subset of those expenses.
  • When the HRA will pay for services – There are different plan designs for when an HRA pays. You may be able to use your HRA right away. Or you may need to pay a certain amount out-of-pocket first before you can start using the HRA.
  • What happens to unused funds at the end of the benefit year – Unused funds may expire at the end of the benefit year, or some may carry over to the next year.

It’s important to know how your specific plan works.

Log in to My Health Toolkit® to manage your HRA

My Health Toolkit is a great resource for accessing information about your full health benefits, including your HRA. Sign into the secure site or use the mobile app to check your balance, learn about how your HRA works with your specific plan, and more. 

Need to file an HRA claim?

Easily download an HRA claim form any time you need one.

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