Claims Submission

EMC Rates tables Electronic Medical Claim. We currently accept the following claim submission formats:

  • CMS-1500 claims (filed via electronic submission* or paper) 
      *Preferred method
  • CMS UB-04 claims 
  • HIPAA 5010 electronic format claims (professional and institutional) 
  • ADA Dental Form

Electronic Claims Submission

Online claims submission is the preferred method for many providers. You can file claims directly to us, through a clearinghouse or by using My Insurance ManagerSM. We accept all claim types electronically — including primary, secondary, institutional, dental and corrected claims. 

With electronic filing, we can begin processing your claim right away. This makes reimbursement cycles shorter than with paper claims. Electronic filing can also help catch errors that might otherwise delay processing. 

Check out the following resources to learn more:

  • Electronic Payer IDs – View a list of payer IDs to use on claims submitted directly to us. If you file through a clearinghouse, you may need to use different payer IDs.
  • MIM Manual Claims Entry – This portion of our My Insurance Manager User Guide will walk you through the process of submitting claims using our secure provider tool. 

You can also get information on Medicare claims here.

Electronic Medical Claims(EMC) filing is more efficient because it allows hospitals and physicians to receive payment five to seven days faster than for claims they file hardcopy. EMC filing also ensures claims accuracy through system edits.

We maintain lists of physicians/groups that have filed at least 300 claims per month electronically and achieved a 90 percent EMC filing rate or higher.

Use the EMC Rate Tables to see how you are doing.

Paper Claims

If you prefer to submit hard copy claims, you can mail your CMS-1500 and CMS UB-04 paper claim forms to us at these addresses:
Preferred Blue® and all other BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, and BlueCard®

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina
Columbia Service Center
P.O. Box 100300
Columbia, SC 29202

Greenville Service Center
BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina
Piedmont Service Center
P.O. Box 6000
Greenville, SC 29606

State Health Plan
State Claims
P.O. Box 100605
Columbia, SC 29260

Federal Employee Program (FEP)
Federal Employee Program
P.O. Box 600601
Columbia, SC 29260

If you need claim filing assistance, please contact your provider advocate.


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