Our provider manuals give an overview of our plans, policies and procedures. Learn more about what you can expect working with us. 
  • BlueCard® Program Manual – This manual provides you with an overview and describes the advantages of the BlueCard program. It will also help guide you through eligibility verification, precertification and claims filing processes for out-of-area members.
  • Dental Providers Administrative Office Manual – This manual covers dental benefits for our commercial, Blue Cross Blue Shield FEP Dental, and State Dental and Dental Plus plans. It also includes a review of the national Dental GRID program. GRID is a separate company that offers a dental network on behalf of BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina.
  • Provider Office Administrative Manual – Get an overview of our benefit plans and medical management programs. This manual will also help guide you through credentialing, claims filing and reconsideration.
  • Medicare Advantage Manuals
Complementary Content