Forms and Documents

Need a form to help a client enroll in one of our health plans? Or do you have clients already enrolled in our plans who need claim or other forms? 

Enrollment forms

Use these forms to help your group or individual clients apply for coverage. These forms are also included on the individual plan pages in our Products and Services section. 

Small groups


Blue DentalSM

Business BlueEssentialsSM

BlueMeasureSM - Level Funded Plans

Chamber Blue

Legacy Groups

Medicare Supplement


Companion Life

We offer life insurance through Companion Life. Companion Life is a separate company responsible for all services related to life insurance. 

Member forms

Do your clients need forms to manage their benefits? Our Members section includes a full library of forms, including claims, prescription drugs, HIPAA authorization and more. 

*All items marked with an asterisk will download as an external file

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