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7 Tips for Healthy Aging 

Sept. 23, 2022: September is Healthy Aging Month, a good time to focus on creating habits that can improve physical and mental wellness for everyone as they age. One of BlueCross’ certified health and wellness coaches offers some advice for boosting your well-being at all ages. 


Good Oral Health Is Important for Overall Health 

Oct. 27, 2022: Maintaining good oral health is more important to overall health than it may seem. One BlueCross expert shares how to take care of your oral health. 


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What Is Dry January? 

Jan. 12, 2023: In recent years, people have avoided alcohol for the month of January after the excesses of the holiday season. The Dry January trend has several health benefits for low to moderate drinkers. We broke down some key things to know about the monthlong challenge. 


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6 Healthy Heart Habits 

Feb. 2, 2023: Heart health is central to overall health. One BlueCross health and wellness coach shares simple ways to live a healthy life for your heart. 


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What To Know About Eating Disorders

Feb. 23, 2023: Eating disorders are serious illnesses that can cause death. They can affect anyone. But they are especially common with young people. It is important to know warning signs of eating disorders. 


Build Better Sleep for Improved Health 

March 16, 2023: Getting enough sleep is one thing you can do to improve your overall health. Yet many Americans are not clocking enough sleep in their daily routines. We share some ways to get better sleep. 


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What To Know About Social Media and Mental Health 

June 30, 2022: Americans spend hours every day on social media apps. These apps can impact users’ mental health. Two BlueCross experts breakdown how social media can affect people and steps everyone can take to limit these negative outcomes. 


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Eye Care Basics 

July 15, 2022: Vision problems are not uncommon. Vision loss can be prevented with proper treatment and early diagnosis. A BlueCross doctor answers common questions around taking care of your eyes. 


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9 Things Parents Can Do for a Healthy School Year 

Aug. 11, 2022: The schools are ready and teachers prepared to welcome kids back to classrooms across the state. But before the first day, learn how BlueCross' Dr. Derick Wenning says parents can set their kids up for a healthy school year. 


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The Importance of Vaccines and the Flu Shot

Updated Aug. 24, 2022: Undoubtedly, vaccines have been on everyone’s mind since the start of the pandemic. Here are the basics on vaccines and the flu shot and why you should make sure you and your family members are up to date on your vaccines.


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