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Useful and data-driven insights to help South Carolina businesses make health care work better for their employees.

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How a South Carolina Company Boosted Morale at Work 

Oct. 14, 2022: The pandemic forced this year’s winner of the LiveLifeBlue awards in the Greenville region, Suminoe Textiles of America, to improve its wellness offerings. A company leader shares what they have learned about promoting healthy habits for their employees. 

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How a South Carolina Employer Is Building a Healthier Workforce 

Sept. 1, 2022: This year's overall winner for the LiveLifeBlueSM awards program, FN America, offers a variety of wellness programs for its employees. One company leader shares how the company has found success in promoting health and wellness for its employees. 

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Program Supports Business Focus On Well-Being 

March 14, 2024: The South Carolina Healthy Business Challenge encourages employers to provide a healthy workplace. The group hosts events across the state and shares resources to achieve this goal. The founder of the program explains how it can help South Carolina businesses. 

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Award Winning Employer Reduces Burnout With Wellness Programs 

Dec. 13, 2022: This year's winner for the LiveLifeBlue award in the Midlands focuses its wellness programs on diversity and inclusion to make sure all employees can participate. The company shares other insights it has learned in reducing burnout through wellness efforts. 

BlueCross Updates Well-Being Platform 

Jan. 26, 2023: Earlier this year, BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina rolled out a well-being platform to South Carolina members. The new platform offers ways for employers to challenge employees to strive for better health. 

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How BlueCross Is Meeting Customer Needs  

April 13, 2023: Last year BlueCross brought in Kelly Wage to lead its Consumer Experience and Market Solutions department. Wage oversees a diverse team that provides solutions for members and employer groups. She discusses her team's focus for the year and how it will help employers.  

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Mental Health and the Workplace 

May 31, 2023: The mental health crisis has become top of mind for many employers since the pandemic. Poor mental health could increase costs for companies. One BlueCross expert shares how to prioritize mental health at work and support employees in need. 

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How BlueCross Is Helping Employer Groups With Pharmacy Costs 

Sept. 15, 2023: Pharmacy costs like the rest of health care cost have risen in recent years. Business leaders may consider carving out pharmacy benefits from their health plan to address the costs. But BlueCross can drive greater value through integrated pharmacy benefits. Our chief pharmacy officer details how.

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Three Ways To Support Employees This Open Enrollment

Oct. 27, 2023: Health insurance can be confusing for employees. But employers can help their workers understand their benefits. BlueCross' expert shares insight learned during research with employees and employers about open enrollment. 

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Trends We’re Watching in 2024 

Jan. 25, 2024: BlueCross' leaders stay on top of health care developments to ensure our groups and customers get the best. Several share top trends they are watching and working on this year including pharmacy, treatment innovation and telehealth. 

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